Meet our team.

David Tokajer

Senior Rabbi
Rabbi David graduated from Nyack College and is currently working on an M.Div. in the Messianic Jewish Studies program at The King's University. He has served in MJ synagogues in AL, FL, GA, and NY and is ordained through the IAMCS. He is passionate about seeing people becoming fully devoted disciples of Yeshua.

Rabbi David has authored three books to date (click the titles to find each on Amazon):

 Spirit + Truth: Rediscovering the Holy Spirit from Creation through Today 
(released in 2019)

Ephesians: A Study in Unity 
(released in 2021)

"Paul's Letters to Timothy: A Study in Developing Spiritual Leaders" 
(released in 2022)

Toby Manolis

Assistant Rabbi
Toby Manolis grew up in the Greater Atlanta area. In the summer of 2005, out of curiosity he visited Congregation Beth Yeshua in Macon, Georgia, not realizing that his life would change forever at the age of 25. Soon after he volunteered to play bass on the worship team, which eventually led to becoming the worship and youth leader of the congregation. Since then, Toby has served in leadership and ministry roles in both local congregations as well as organizations such as the YMJA/MJAA and the UMJC. He received the call to move into rabbinic ministry in 2018 and is honored, humbled, and excited to be a part of the CMC family.

Brooke Manolis

Worship Director
Brooke Manolis has been leading worship in the Messianic Jewish Community since 2003. She began as a youth group worship leader in Dallas, TX where she grew up and then served as worship leader alongside Toby in Georgia. She has been involved in various ministry roles in the MJAA and UMJC as well as regional and national messianic conferences. She is so blessed to be serving in the role of worship leader here at CMC and can’t wait for God to do amazing things in this place.

John Ford

John is one of the elders at CMC and serves along side Rabbi David and Rabbi Toby  in shepherding our commUNITY. He and his wife have become an integral part of CMC almost from day one and add a tremendous amount of wisdom to our leadership team.

Arrixie Sproul

Children's Ministry Director
A career educator who has a passion for training the next generation l'dor vador  of children embracing Yeshua’s
exhortation to let the children come and to value them as the next group of leaders. As believers in the Mitzvot we are
urged to pass along knowledge of Adonai and his teaching to our children and grandchildren according to the Divine
The focus of the Children’s program is to support their Parents’ training to prepare them with a foundation of truth in
Torah-Tanakh-Brit Chadasha (Bible), to know Messiah personally, to grow in relationship with him, and to develop a
working knowledge of G-D’s Word so they will be equipped to discern truth in the current times we live.
As teachers,we employ creative ways to help children ages 5-12 remember instruction with concrete, hands-on, age
appropriate learning activities.